Why do I write? (Part 1)

As I start this journey, this is a valid question.  

Writing is about choosing and collecting words to present thoughts for others to read. Through this process I am hoping to capture words to paper as a way to sort, organize, and develop a flow of meaning to these words for myself that can be presented to others.

I have often noted that I can think thoughts that appear in my mind as perfectly reasonable. Then in my excitement, I pick up my pen and start writing that fantastic thought, only to discover it made no sense at all. That is a letdown. But it is very much a part of writing.

Writing is a means to slow down the thoughts and streamline them to express refined ideas – especially ideas that form tenets of what I believe. It is a means by which I may crystallize my thoughts to understand the convictions of my heart. As I fully understand them for myself, only then can I venture to communicate them to others. 

The understanding I seek is rooted in the Lord, His word, His precepts. He must give the understanding. So in seeking this understanding my prayer is: “Lord, Help me understand the meaning of your precepts.  … For you broaden my understanding.” [Psalm 119:27, 32 CSB] Unless the Lord gives the understanding to my heart, there is no true understanding. So I write to understand the convictions of my heart toward God.

So, why do I write? Firstly, I write to crystallize my thoughts to understand the convictions of my heart.

Next time: Why do I write? (Part 2)

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